Magical Readathon, Wrap Ups

OWLs /April Wrap-Up

The end has arrived! I will miss getting to speak so much about Harry Potter and other related fandoms to so many amazing people. Prior to this Readathon, I had yet to meet another Slytherin. So getting to be in a house chat with other Slytherins was incredible! It is amazing how different in personalities… Continue reading OWLs /April Wrap-Up

Magical Readathon

OWLs Readathon Weeks 2&3

Hey everyone! Hope you are all staying safe and healthy still. I have been keeping my days filled with chasing my little elfs around the house, work, and of course plenty of reading! I think April will be the month of most read books thanks to this wonderful readathon. If you've seen any of my… Continue reading OWLs Readathon Weeks 2&3