Book Rating System

I will review books for YA, fantasy/sci-fi, historical fiction, romance, and some women’s literature.

On my posts, you will find not only reviews, but also lists for Can’t Wait Wednesday, Top 10 Tuesday, and quarterly I will recognize books I am most excited to be released.  I would love to include more author interviews with their book release posts as well!

All of my reviews will be shared to Goodreads, Amazon, Twitter, and Instagram.  If I obtain an ARC via online websites, they will be published on their respective sites.  I utilize NetGalley, Edelweiss, and Book Sprout.  If the books are on Book Hub, I will try to publish them there as well.

Any inquiries, please email me at: and include the name of the publishing company you work for.

I will accept ePUB, physical copies, and PDFs.

I will not accept payment for reviews. I read and write reviews purely for my own enjoyment and to help authors.

Review System:

First and foremost: Arduous boot camp instilled one of the most important values: honesty.  In every mistake you make in the military, it is essential to be honest.  Likewise, I uphold the same value in my reviews.  I will be upfront and honest.  I will not beat around the bush.  I also will spend 0-1 seconds of trying to be PC.

That being said, if I read a book that I do not like, I will give a warning in the post prior to the review content.  If it is an ARC, I kindly retain the right to decline a review via NetGalley, just to maintain respect for the author’s feelings.  In regards to a post, I will not post a negative review until after the book is published (if it was an ARC).

My Book Rating System:

FIVE STARS=I ABSOLUTELY LOVE THIS BOOK There could be one slight thing I didn’t like but that’s all.
FOUR STARS=I LOVE IT but there were teeny tiny bits I didn’t like.
THREE STARS=Either I just felt “Meh” about it OR I read it too long ago to remember it OR can’t decide whether I liked it or not.=It was just average.
TWO STARS=Pretty bad, but I liked one or two bits of it maybe.
ONE STAR= This book should just simply not exist, more than likely DNF