Return to Blogging and Reading!

I am baaacckkkkk!!!

Where have I been this long year of a hiatus? Well, I took a sudden break to focus on completing my history degree…which actually got put on hold with the arrival of my third baby!!!! We also moved to a new home, which I do not recommend to any person in their last month of pregnancy. I managed to take a year of dance lessons again, just ballet, tap and jazz, and perform in two recitals (one at 31 weeks pregnant!) To say the past year has been overwhelming is an understatement. But as the world slowly moves forward from an overwhelming and honestly scary pandemic, normalcy starts to return, if not a little different.

To add to pandemic stress, I was diagnosed with a Ehlers Danlos, which is great I have answers, but also not great because seriously there is such a lack of medical care for people like me. Having a diagnosis has honestly left me feeling a wave of emotions. And you know what? I have my other EDS friends to help get me through and that’s all I need ♥

So all of this made it literally difficult to attempt to pick up a book. I found audible to be my reprieve on drives to work, however am I the only person that finds writing reviews for Audible books difficult? Not only do I not know how to spell character names/places, I also cannot remember quotes to save my life.

Now that the baby is here, we have dealt with a surplus of issues with her and now the middle child. A break is not in sight. I feel my sanity is at a tipping point. However, book blogging was my place of happiness in the past. So here I am, reading actual physical books (and attempting to review Audible books) to slowly piece myself back together. I hope I can bring you all amazing content, book recommendations, and get to talk to more book lovers. Thank you for everyone remaining my followers and not giving up on me.

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