The Olympic Games

The Olympic Games was started by the amazing Ishi Time and is based off of the amazing Percy Jackson series by author genius Rick Riordan. She has compiled 12 teams based off of the cabins at Camp Halfblood and documents to coincide with the games. Truly so much work and love was put into this, I could not pass it up. Click below to check out the adorable welcome letter from Chiron.

Below you can find all the awesome details on the Greek gods and goddesses’ cabins and their appropriate reading prompts, including the advanced reading challenges. Also, if you want to check out the video where Ishi Time explains the prompts, check out her YouTube.

I took the Rick Riordan quiz and was sorted into Poseidon’s cabin, no surprise there. Here’s the quiz if you are curious what cabin you would belong to. But, like I previously said in my Witcherathon post, I have 3 readathons this month, so I had to find prompts that I could use the same books for. Which led me to Hades’s path. Honestly, if in real life I could not be in Poseidon’s cabin, I would want Hades. But blue flaming-haired Hades. I may or may not share his temper and lack of patience… Check out my TBR!

The Ghost King (featuring the undead): Crave by Tracy Wolff – read with Instagram book club. Which we added another read together…

Book back from the dead (reread): A Court of Thorns and Roses by Sarah J. Maas – read with Instagram book club because someone has never read it ;p

Underworld is a dreary place (dark cover): Three Dark Crowns by Kendare Blake

Death comes randomly and without warning (book randomly chosen on TBR list): The Wicked Will Rise by Danielle Page – This was chosen by random in my GoodReads book club I am part of, Discovery Reads.

Hermes is the only god to travel to the Underworld. Choose a book honoring one of his prompts; Travel (read a book set somewhere you’d want to visit): Empire of Storms by Sarah J. Maas – I would love to visit Terresen or Rifthold! Can I get myself a fae warrior while there? 😉


Are you participating in The Olympic Games? Do you like the Percy Jackson series? Are you excited for the news it’ll be coming to Disney Plus? If you could pick your Camp Half Blood cabin, what cabin would you want to belong to? Share your comments and TBR lists below 🙂

As always, leave a comment, suggestion, check out my other book media platforms, and give a follow.

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