6 For Sunday // Favorite Characters

#6forSunday was started by alittlebutalot in 2017. Every week, there’s a new prompt for Sunday. You can track the fun prompt using the hashtag on twitter and instagram 🙂

Today’s theme is your 6 favorite characters.

It is hard for me to narrow my favorites to just 6! So I tried thinking of different character from different series, otherwise I could have narrowed this list down between ACOTAR, Throne of Glass and the Caraval series with their handful of amazing characters.

Rhysand-A Court of Thorns and Roses by Sarah J. Maas

I fell in love with Rhysand from the beginning of his entrance in ACOTAR. Anyone who has read ACOMAF too will agree, just everything about him melts my heart to putty. And makes me angry that there is not a real Rhysand in the world that I can have. But enough about just swooning over him. He also saw Feyre for her potential and he pushed her. Rather than protect her inside a bubble, he gave her freedom as an equal to choose. I loved his dual personalities that he showed at different times. When he had to be this terrifying High Lord of the Night Court, he left all around him scared of his wake. When he was with his inner circle, he showed this young High Lord that just wanted to be equal to his friends, enjoy life as it was in the Court of Dreams. His immense power was absolutely incredible!

Celaena/Aelin-Throne of Glass by Sarah J. Maas

Celaena was such an awesome assassin. I loved her sassy swaggering personality as Celaena. But Aelin was all of Celaena and more. She was calculative, secretive, and would do anything she had to in order to accomplish her goal. She is a Slytherin after my own heart. I loved the struggle she had with her powers that we were introduced to in Heir of Fire. She held so much magic but it terrified her. And her interactions with people always made me laugh. I love these two Celaena/Aelin cosplays above. Corrine truly captures the fear Celaena had to accept and take control of her powers. And let’s be honest, Peachyqueencosplay captures the terrifying persona of assassin Celaena. Both of these women truly bring my favorite female heroine to life ❤

Louise Le Blanc-Serpent and Dove by Shelby Mahurin

I loved Lou. Her sassy attitude and snarky remarks made me laugh. She really gave Reid a run for his money. She maintained her individuality and personality even when having to be married to him. She was such a strong and inspirational female. Check out Peachyqueencosplay on instagram for her amazing Lou and other awesome book character cosplays.

Legend/Dante-Caraval series by Stephanie Garber

Swoon. I loved this secret broody man. I honestly had a feeling really since Caraval that he was Legend. I love the two personas he tried to hold. His hold on magic, to create this Caraval world, was just so magical. I love the cards that niru.sky created for the Finale Fairyloot box. The art was incredible, but there were also two cards. One for Legend and one for Dante.

Nova-Renegades series by Marissa Meyer

I love how unique Nova’s power is. But I also loved that inner struggle she faced, trying to decide what really was right/wrong, who really was the villain/hero. There were times where she did cower under the larger people, but she really came out and made her voice heard by Supernova and held her ground for what she really believed in. She also was super creative and smart to create such unique weapons!

If anyone knows the artist, please
tag them in the comments so that
I can give them credit for their
beautiful artwork!

Alosa-Daughter of the Pirate King by Tricia Levenseller

Alosa was the female pirate captain I have been wanting in a book since literally the Pirates of the Caribbean movies. I say this a lot, but there are not enough pirate books out there. And the ones I have found are super watered down, absent of killing and very much action. I am still reading Daughter of the Siren Queen, so I can’t say much for the end of her character development, but I loved what I’ve seen. She doesn’t enjoy using her siren abilities. She has been raised very harshly from her father, the pirate king, so that she will be just as hard and ruthless of a pirate. This also makes her very guarded.


Thank you so much to these amazing artists for giving me permission to include your cosplay work in my post. I seriously am so appreciative to you and everything you do for us book lovers. Please show these amazing artists some love and check out their amazing feeds on Instagram if you love cosplay!

What are your favorite book characters?

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    1. I just started TMI series but from what I’ve seen, j really love Magnus’s personality! I liked Hermione, but perhaps it’s because I’m a Slytherin, I didnt care for her constant sticking to the rules 😂


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