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Top 10 Books I Did Not Finish

Top Ten Tuesday was created by The Broke and the Bookish in June of 2010 and was moved to That Artsy Reader Girl in January of 2018!

I haven’t DNF many books, mainly because I do not like marking my books as DNF. I really try to push through books. But if I get to about the 1/3 mark, and I am still bored, I gotta cut my losses. Sometimes I will go back to the book. There have been few instances where I have gone back and loved it. Believe it or not, Heir of Fire was originally a DNF for me. So glad I gave that book a second chance! So I have tried to separate this post by books I have zero intention of returning to, books I will try again, and books that I DNF but cannot remember exactly why I marked them as DNF.

DNF and will not return to:

the roadThe Road

I had to read this book for my Popular Literature class for school, alongside Hunger Games and Gone Girl, and I absolutely despised it. It had many triggering moments while reading, including but not limited to: loss of spouse, suicide, child abandonment, and child endangerment. Having battled postpartum depression and depression, this was not a book that I could read in my mindset now, if not ever. I understood the significance of this story when the post-apocalyptic books were making a following in the early 2000’s, but it’s also not a genre I really care for.

foul is fairFoul is Fair

The synopsis for this book sounded really cool. Diverse group of friends go out for Elle’s sixteenth birthday to crash a house party, only for the MC to be raped. So first, this book supports underage partying and drinking. Second, Elle sets herself on a path to revenge that no one can stop her. She transfers to the boys’ school, her parents just up and agree to transfer her to that private school. Now having gone to private schools my whole life, I can tell you this is impossible. You have to apply to these schools, paperwork, be a member of that church or present proof from your church that you are a member of, and their tuition varies a bit. Not including having all your prior school’s info sent to that school and needing to get new uniforms. But her revenge was what distrubed me: she was going to kill these boys. Now again, I DNF the book. So if she has a change of heart, I am quite unaware. But it was disturbing to see a teen want to murder not one, but a group of boys. I understand what they did was horrible! But murder??? How about go to the police. She was drugged. She could have told her parents, the police, gone to the hospital, anything but choose murder. That’s some Hammurabi punishment to the extreme. And the raving reviews for this made it more disturbing for humanity that find murder a reasonable revenge. I mean, I’ll just add this too, I hated the MC. None of the characters were relatable in general. They act like the stereotypical teenage girls in school and it was just…ugh.

once upon a dreamOnce Upon a Dream

I love Disney retellings. I have quite a large amount of reviews on here for that genre. When I came across A Twisted Tale series, I was so excited. The covers are gorgeous, and each one poses a question to give you an idea how the book will twist the story you have always known. I actually read 50% of this book and said no more. It was just a slow stagnant story. I feel bad, but all of the Braswell Disney retellings I have felt similar too. I read the Snow White Twisted Tale and managed to finish it prior to reading Once Upon a Dream. I think reading 2 Liz Braswell books back-to-back just made me realize it was the writing that bothered me and to cut my losses.

american godsAmerican Gods

I was given this book from a former friend at work because he thought I might enjoy it. Hard no. It was slow and the idea of the book in general I just did not care for. I know this is a raving show too. I will say, I have read a few Neil Gaiman books and I am just not a fan of his writing. It’s not bad by any means! But this is one of those books where I understand my mind just prefers YA fantasy than adult fantasy.

DNF but may try again:

night circusNight Circus

I loved the cover of this book and the overall theme idea of it. The only reason I had to DNF it was because I was using the Audible version. I just really could not get into the narrator of the book, so I lost interest in it. I 100% will return to this book and actually read it. I started to realize I have a narrator preference…

never tilting worldThe Never Tilting World

I loved the world building of this book. But it was so slow in the first 1/3, though I’ve heard from many that it picks up right after this point, and I had to read faster paced books for the OWLs readathon, there was no way I could finish this book. I loved the idea and characters and of course the magic so I will definitely be returning to this book when I am not pressed for quick reading during a readathon.

assassin's creedAssassin’s Creed: Unity

I will gladly admit that I freaking love playing the AC video games, even more so now that they are available on the PC. I loved the AC movie (apparently I am of the few?) and was so thrilled when I learned there was an entire series of books that go along with the games. There wasn’t really anything wrong with these books neccesarily, it was just that I thought they were slow, boring. I think I expected some huge exciting scenes after playing the games, but at least for Unity, it was told through a diary entry format. Had I read these while in high school for instance, I would have loved them because I loved the diary entry writing. But not, I felt it took away from the excitement and action that the AC world is known for. Granted,how could they possibly tell an AC story when the AC games are like you reliving memories of your ancestors? Perhaps I will return to this series when there are not faster paced books looking at me.


I really wanted to like this book. There are not enough YA pirate books out there. But this really started so slowly, spending a great deal of time introducing characters and giving them back stories than moving forward with the story at hand. It’s a pirate book. I expect a great deal of action, especially for Blackbeard. But that was not present in the first 1/3. I appreciated the issues it expressed with the wealthy and their mal-treatement of their servants in this era. That is something that many authors candy-coat. I really liked the character of Anne too. She was a fire cracker. But again, this was a book that I chose to read during a readathon and its slow pace was not helping me achieve my goal. I know when I am not pressed for read book numbers I will return to it.

DNF-too long ago

revanStar Wars Old Republic: Revan

Why did I DNF this? I can only assume I got bored? I have read a few OR books and liked their insight into the Star Wars world pre-movie age. I read the Darth Bane books by this author and remember those too were a bit slow, but also were well worth the time it took to read them because they really gave an awesome insight into the Sith. I may return to this book.


I can’t remember why I DNF this. Pretty cover! I know I got this temporarily as a Kindle Unlimited book.


Did you read any of these books? DNF any of these? What are some books that disappointed you to DNF? How do you decide to DNF a book?

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