Top 10 Tuesday

Top 10 Tuesday

Books I wish I had read as a child

Top Ten Tuesday was created by The Broke and the Bookish in June of 2010 and was moved to That Artsy Reader Girl in January of 2018!

As a parent, I have loved growing my children’s love for reading and books. So much so, that my three year old has a large, over-piled book shelf in our living room and a book shelf in his bedroom (which once was mine as a child and I have since repurposed). There are many wonderful books released now that I wish I had had as a child, but also older books that I shake my head and think, “Why did I not read those?” Here’s just a list of children’s books that I wish I had read throughout my childhood years, to include middle school as well. To be fair, children’s books weren’t really a thing for me very long as I started reading Harry Potter and the Sorcerer’s Stone in kindergarten.

goodnight moonGoodnight Moon by Margaret Wise Brown

My three year old was gifted this book from his godmother, one of my best friends and lovable Hufflepuff, and loves it! It is a required nightly read (his words) that he has majority of it memorized where I find him “reading” it to himself at times. I have no idea why we never read this as children in our house-possibly because we were so obsessed with reading Winnie the Pooh books, Dr. Seuss’s Hand Hand Fingers Thumb, Arthur, Disney books, and Franklin the turtle books.

sorcery of thornsSorcery of Thorns by Margaret Rogerson

Okay, moving out of little children’s books (because there are really not many I wish I had), I wish this book was released when I was in high school. It is such a wonderful book, perhaps one of my favorite reads from 2019, about a girl raised inside a library, where books were her friends. I spent countless hours hiding in our school library, reading every YA Fantasy book I could. I felt like a complete freak because  I would rather live within the pages of my books than reality. For anyone that has ever felt like this, like an outsider teen, I highly recommend this book.


cruel princeCruel Prince by Holly Black

Perhaps an unpopular opinion, but I actually wasn’t as impressed with this book as the majority. It was definitely a book my teenage self would have loved when I was reading The Spiderwick Chronicles, which is co-authored by Holly Black. I have yet to get around to reading the second book, so my opinion may change when I get to the sequel.




sisters of shadow and lightSisters of Shadow and Light by Sarah B. Larson

I loved the story behind such a strong sisterly bond. I actually bought my sister a copy of this book too. It was such an incredible book of fighting through anything to protect your sister. And I felt it had just the right amount of magic 🙂  Sisters of Shadow and Light.





fairestVillains series by Serena Valentino

This series is such a quick read and gives an alternate back story behind the Disney villains I grew up with alongside their Disney stories that I still watch consistently. I have gotten my mom on board with this series also, which I absolutely love sharing books with her. This series is perfect for even Middle Grade readers. Poor Unfortunate SoulThe Beast WithinMistress of All Evil



a whole new worldAs Old As Time by Liz Braswell

Perhaps not just this book, but all the books in this series I wish I had read while in high school. I wouldn’t say Middle Grade reads just because of their size, but like the Villains series, it provides a wonderful alternate spin on the Disney fairy tales I grew up loving. I have read a couple of these and will say I am not a fan of all of them, but that doesn’t mean I can’t keep collecting them and trying each new book as they’re released. Here were just a couple of my reviews: Once AgainA Whole New World



caravalCaraval series by Stephanie Garber

I absolutely loved everything about this series. The world building. The characters. The plot twists. The idea behind Caraval itself. I think my younger self would truly have fallen in love with Legend as hard as I did. I am completely out of the loop as far as what books are on school library book shelves, but I truly hope these are because they would provide a wonderful fantasy escape. CaravalLegendary / Finale




34389079._UY200_Renegades by Marissa Meyer

This trilogy is absolutely incredible. I am currently reading the last book, Supernova, and my am I in love. I was not really into the superhero scene until my senior year in high school, but even then, I know I would have loved this series. The wonderful diversity and inclusion. The females being so strong and independent thinking. And it also makes the reader question the lines between heroes and villains. There is a continuous theme in these books as well when it comes to thinking on your own, outside of the dictatorship of societal leaders and governments. Renegades / Archenemies


reverieReverie by Ryan La Sala

The inclusiveness of this book and its wonderful representation of LGBTQ+ characters is perfect here! I adored this book. I think having gone to a private school, this book would have been so appreciated when many of my friends from school that are now part of that community would have felt included, not like outsiders as our society still makes them feel. There is a wonderful growing community of LGBTQIA books, but I feel there are not enough in the fantasy genre scene. This book is not simply a book I wish I had read in high school, but a book I wish my friends had read in school too. Also, if any of you are on Twitter, you will agree with me that Ryan La Sala is literally a treasure to the world.  Reverie

titan's cursePercy Jackson series by Rick Riordan

This is a series for the Middle Grade readers that for some reason I just ignored. I have no idea why it took me so long to read these. They are literally everything I love, a group of friends with abilities, Greek gods, adventure, and a MC with dyslexia-I have a mild case of this and never felt understood by my math teachers in high school. I have started reading this series in my 20’s and really hope my sons will appreciate them when they are able to read them. Titan’s Curse





Did you read any of these series while in school? What are some books you wish you had read when you were younger?

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    1. Same! I think I was in high school when they were being published, so I didn’t bother with the middle grades. They are wonderful reads though that I hope my children will get into one day.


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