Magical Readathon

OWLs Readathon Weeks 2&3

weeks 2 and 3

Hey everyone! Hope you are all staying safe and healthy still. I have been keeping my days filled with chasing my little elfs around the house, work, and of course plenty of reading! I think April will be the month of most read books thanks to this wonderful readathon. If you’ve seen any of my previous month recaps, I usually average 6-7 books a month. Just these past 2 weeks alone, I have surpassed that! To top that off, I am now 12 books ahead of my GoodReads challenge, which is 60 books. Last year I was fighting to the end to finish the 55 I had set myself for.

If you missed my first post at the beginning of the readathon, you can find it here. Also, my recap  of week 1 can be found here.

We are near the end, and it is truly bittersweet. I have loved every minute of getting to talk to some Harry Potter and book loving people. You are all truly fantastic people. I was never one for many friends. Even now, I am terrible at keeping in touch with my school friends since I joined the military. However, through this group, I really feel I have found friends that understand a true part of myself.

Quiditch finals was this weekend and….SLYTHERIN WON! Congrats to all who fought so hard! Definitely the hardest Harry Potter trivia I have ever seen. Gryffindor fought a hard match against Slytherin. Congrats Hufflepuff for taking third place.

I have officially finished my Auror reading OWLs, and then some 🙂 Check out my insanely reading crammed past two weeks!

Finished Reading:

Defense Against the Dark Arts:

Grindlows-read a book set at sea:

Daughter of the Pirate King by Tricia Levenseller

A wonderful 5 star easy read! I had hoped to read the duology in this readathon but I just received DotSQ yesterday in the mail so that shall not happen. I am going to try to take part in another readathon next month so I might try to push it into one of those categories…I truly love Tricia Levenseller though. And she is a proud Slytherin so reading one of her books during this readathon felt necessary.


Night classes-Read a majority of this book when it’s dark outside:

The Mistress of the Vampires by Nicole Davis

A quick Kindle Unlimited that I strongly do NOT recommend. It was dreadful. I skimmed the few 50 some pages that was this read. I would rate this a 0.5/5 stars if possible.


Magical qualities of number 2 balances/opposites read a book outside your favorite genre:

Gone Girl by Gillian Flynn

I actually cannot claim I finished this on GR yet because I have to read it for my Pop Lit class and my professor for the next term is on there. Stupid, but I do not want her knowing I read it ahead of time…

History of Magic:

Witch Hunts-read a book about wizards/witches:

Queen of Shadows by Sarah J. Maas

This readathon was perfect to finish some books getting dusty on my TBR shelf. And instead it successfully gave me a valid excuse to reread SJM books.


Mimbolus Mimbletonia-read a book that starts with “M”:

Monster by Carmen Caine

Another Kindle Unlimited book, I had seen it for quite some time on Amazon, and thought why not finally read it? Not what I had expected needless to say…3/5 stars.


Third Eye-assign numbers to your TBR and use a random number generator to pick your read:

House of Salt and Sorrows by Erin A. Craig

I had a lot of expectations going into this read, and it met none. Granted, I am completely unfamiliar with the 12 Dancing Princesses it is based off of. I also listened to this on Audible so that could have played a part in my different take of the book. Not to say it wasn’t good. The last quarter of the book picked up greatly from the slow pace and there was quite a bit of twists that at least from an Audible stand point was hard to keep up with. Overall, 3.5/5 stars.


Animagus Lecture-read a book with a shapeshifter:

Heir of Fire by Sarah J. Maas


Shrinking Solution-read a book less than 150 pages:

Anthem by Ayn Rand

I had read this book in high school and fell in love with it, quite strange when really all school related books I freaking hated. A short, quick read. I can’t recommend this book enough. When reading these post-apocalyptic books such as Hunger Games, The Road, etc., this is a necessity to read. Written in the 1940’s, it is really the beginning of this genre that cannot be omitted or forgotten.

Care of Magical Creatures:

Hippogriffs-read a book with a beak on the cover:

Harry Potter and the Prisoner of Azkaban by J.K. Rowling

Naturally I had to read HP3 for this readathon centered around the third book. It was so nice to reread this book. I may or may not continue rereading the series now 😉


Currently Reading:

Ancient Runes:

Heart Rune-read a book with a heart on the cover or in the title

Black Hearts by Nicole Castroman

So I have been wanting to read this because I may have a mild obsession with pirates, but also because it is literally the only book I own with a heart in the title. I own nothing with a heart on the cover (open to suggestions if you please!). I am about 100 pages in, and sadly not a fan of it though. It lacks really any adventure as would be expected of a pirate novel. It is just slow. I would DNF but I also want to finish the last class.

Also my CR unrelated to the Magical Readathon…

The Fiery Crown ARC by Jeffe Kennedy. I got to read The Orchid Throne last year and really liked it. It set up a lot for its sequel which, though a bit slow right now (I can’t complain; I’m only 15% through), picks up from the end of Orchid Throne and proceeds with the main conflict at hand.

We Hunt the Flame by Hafsah Faizal (I was supposed to read this with a book group on GR but got too caught up with other reads, didn’t care for the Audible-could be because my elves are too loud-so I am reading this in spare time)


If you’ve been participating in the readathon, how has your reading list gone? Have you finished you OWLs yet? Were you a Hermione like me and read a few extra subjects? Did you take part in the Quidditch games on Twitter?

As always, leave a comment, suggestion, check out my other book media platforms, and give a follow.

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7 thoughts on “OWLs Readathon Weeks 2&3”

  1. I am not participating in the Readathon (I was not aware of it till now!), but can I just say how absolutely gorgeous the picture for this post is? ❤

    Also, I read "We Hunt the Flame" last year and I loved it! Easily one of the best books I read in 2019.

    Liked by 1 person

      1. I’m glad to know you’re enjoying it as well!

        Without spoiling, I can tell you that the end had me go “No! You can’t just do THAT when I have to wait for the next book!”


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