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November Book Haul

It has been a hectic holiday season! I had my in-laws in from out of town for Thanksgiving, work, mid-term papers and finals, and just all things decorating and buying for Christmas, I have been swamped. I have been reading so much, finished my GoodReads goal, taking notes for reviews, but have completely slacked on posting said reviews…so bear with me as I literally catch up on 2 months’ worth of posts….

My November haul was amazing, also because November was a HUGE book release month! I had 10 books alone get released on November 5th that I have been looking forward to reading. I managed to buy a few of them, however fingers crossed for the rest to see under my Christmas tree.


The Opposite of Falling Apart

The Book Ghost

A Witch in Time

The Guinevere Deception

I literally cried when I saw I had been given an e-ARC. Check out my review if you missed it.


The Guinevere Deception (2)

I was so lucky to get this ARC on the first prior to its release! I absolutely loved this book. There are so many fairy tale retellings that have really created a lot of disappointment. I can count maybe on one hand the amount of Camelot retellings, and this one literally took the prize for being the best! The world that Kristin White has created, the character development, and the small twists were absolutely perfect to start a new series. I cannot wait for the sequel next year. I also received this through LitJoy, pre-ordered a signed copy, and actually just received an exclusive Owl Crate cover this month too. Have I mentioned how much I love this book?

Sisters of Shadow and Light (2)

I received a copy through one of my subscriptions and also a pre-ordered signed copy from a bookstore. This is a wonderful spin on Frozen with paladins! Check out my review here for the ARC : Sisters of Shadow and Light // True love doesn’t need a man, it just needs your sister

A Court of Thorns and Roses collector’s edition.

This is my favorite author! Anything SJM writes is freaking gold. I cannot freaking wait for 2020 to bring her new series to us. Also, why the heck has none of her series been completed for film/TV adaptation?????

Ruin and Rising

I hate audible because it seriously ruins my ability to write reviews for the book. This series however is just dynamite. I love Leigh Bardugo and her Grishaverse. I seriously need more in the Crows series, because frankly this ending I thought was dismal and honestly made such a strong character become some weak girl that remained with the man that couldn’t be with her when she was Grisha. Like Nikolai was who she was meant to be with! So in regards to this book, I was very unimpressed with the ending.

Crooked Kingdom

As said, I need more of these characters! I thought the length of this book was going to be ridiculous, but it was absolutely perfect. Everything was tied up perfectly with a bow. Including some character kill-offs which let me tell ya Leigh, I’m not happy with you. Not at all. But I also love you for destroying my heart and creating my addiction to your books. This series actually opened up a new trope to me of plots around large heists. Just the twists and turns, the “what could go wrong?” that actually blows up in their faces, it is one of my favorite tropes currently. I bought this on audible, and the narrators for it were absolutely perfect.


I love the crate exclusive copy with the cover and the sprayed edges. I have very few sprayed edge books and this blue is just stunning.

Crown of Oblivion (2)

So I pre-ordered a copy on amazon without having known that it would be coming in one of my monthly boxes. But different covers are always worth it 🙂  I love a book where the plot goes around a trial of sorts. Thank you ACOTAR for having created that trope obsession.




Have you read any of these books, or are they on your TBR list? Let me know your opinions 🙂

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