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A new era of vampire romance has come! Releasing December 6th is the heavily anticipated A Violet Fire, fostering a new era for YA fantasy filled with vampires. What’s most inspiring to me about the book in its entirety is that Kelsey Quick is a self-published author! That she created this book, and the world it exists within is remarkable and awe-inspiring to any beginning authors out there! If you missed my review of the ARC for A Violet Fire, check it out here. Follow along on the tour, interact in the comments for more chances to be entered into the giveaways, and read on for the synopsis and author info 🙂

A Violet Fire

by: Kelsey Quick

Genre: YA Fantasy/Paranormal Romance

Release Date: December 6, 2019

Rave Reviews and Synopsis:

“A vampire tale with a heady mix of defiance and doubt, rebellion and romance.” — Kirkus Reviews

 “There is not a single dull moment in this book… A Violet Fire has all the ingredients to become the next Hollywood movie about vampires.” — Readers’ Favorite

 “In the Vampire Stratocracy of Cain, human blood is scarce. For centuries, councils have sought to assuage the blood shortage by enslaving and breeding humans, turning them into profitable supply units for the rich and the abled.

 Today, eighteen-year-old Wavorly Sterling is officially a supply unit, bound to serve her blood willingly to her master for the rest of her life. One of only few humans that was not bred in Cain, Wavorly knows freedom better than anyone, and she is determined to escape the clutches of her oppressors—despite the allure of forbidden love.”


The weight of their presence grows heavier, bringing with it the animosity of a plague; a terror that I take all the way down to the marrow of my bones; a seeping cold that is bristled with thousands of tiny needle-head points, sending fire along my spent arms and shoulders. It blasts its way down into my soul, threatening to obliterate every ounce of resolve that has landed me here, along these steadfast bricks, amidst my escape from the Stratocracy of Cain—amidst my escape from the vampires.

Author Bio and Links:

author photo

Kelsey Quick is a novelist, artist, and businesswoman who loves her husband, huskies, and video games. Since the age of two, Kelsey has been bound and determined to create. From traditional impressionist paintings, to digital comic creation; from fanfiction to full-length novels… her desire for crisp and prime escapism is never-ending. A Violet Fire is her debut novel, harboring the idea she’s had and held dear to her heart for over a decade.






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Read below for my Q/A with the ever amazing Kelsey Quick.


1. What inspired you to write AVF? 

Oh I love answering this question! Truthfully, it’s kind of a two-part answer. The main idea came to me while I was reading Vampire Knight by Matsuri Hino in 2007, a time when I was obsessed with manga and anime. It was also a time when I was certain that AVF would be made into a manga rather than a novel (I actually still have the opening theme for the fictitious anime series that I stumbled across about ten years ago in my music library). I tried to draw it several times in the form of a manga before I gave up, deciding that it would never amount to anything. I don’t know if you know this, but graphic novels can take up to two years to write and illustrate at a full-time pace, which is about four times that of a traditional novel. I’m still considering adapting A Violet Fire into a manga myself… but maybe when I’m less busy and not writing the sequels!

The second part to this answer is the writing part. Because I was so heavily focused on art in high school, I never thought I was a writer, especially since reading was a struggle for me. I would fall asleep while reading books, and it never failed (which I have since found out is some sort of condition?). However, I’d always enjoyed poetry, and once was sent to the principal’s office for plagiarism on a poem that I actually had written myself… I remember being so confused by that. Fast forward to four years ago. I was running on the treadmill while reading through fan fiction on a topic that had a really small pool—thus, the quality was exceptionally lacking. I decided to write 1,000 words of my own fan fiction that night out of frustration, and just to try it out without any intention to continue it. I was surprised that as a brand-new author, I gained follows, favorites, and reviews on that one chapter, so I continued for about another 150,000 words until I completed it. I received so much support, that the original idea for AVF bubbled back up into my brain. When I asked my followers if I should write my own novel, they encouraged me. So I did!

2. What pushed you to not give up in you endeavor to have your book heard? 

Honestly? My 10+ years of passion for and development of AVF’s idea, as well as a deep-seeded need to prove people wrong about my potential. I was largely met with rejection from the traditional publishing community, so much so that I only received 1 full request out of 100, and that one nearly landed in a contract. That 1 “almost” was enough for me to consider my book worthy of my own investment.

3. Where did you get your inspiration for Zein? (Side note, Zein is seriously one of my biggest morally grey character crushes)

Zein is just an awesome character, isn’t he?! Zein’s original inspiration in the manga days, came from silver-haired anime bad boys. However, as I took to writing, I found it beneficial to “cast” my characters and picture everything happening like a live-action movie. Thus, Zein’s part and performance was taken on by Irish actor Cillian Murphy in my brain. While not the traditional vampire cast of choice, Murphy holds a particularly sinister, yet romantic depth in his performances and they meshed really well with what I had in mind for Zein.

4. How many books are you planning in the series? 

At the moment, only 3! But it really depends on how well AVF does and what kind of cult following I can get from it. Because I’m self-published, a lot of those typical obstacles that need to be scaled for more books to be worthwhile are doubled, if not tripled.

5. Tips for aspiring writers? 

You will be told no, and you will be told no a lot (unless you are lucky). But just remember, if you want it enough, you won’t quit and one day you’ll get there. Luck and perseverance is all it takes, and the longer you persevere, the less luck you need.


Kelsey Quick will be awarding a $25 Amazon/Barnes & Noble Gift Card to a randomly drawn winner via rafflecopter during the tour.

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Let’s discuss! Have you pre-ordered A Violet Fire? What are some of your favorite past read vampire books? Join me and author Kelsey Quick in the comments to get discussing 🙂

17 thoughts on “A Violet Fire Blog Stop”

  1. Heyo! Thanks so much Bree for hosting on your beautiful blog! To answer your comments question, yes I have preordered A Violet Fire (because what author doesn’t preorder their own book?) I will be here all day, so feel free to hang out and chime in! ❤

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    1. Isn’t she an inspiration? I’ve heard so much that you can’t ever get far as a self published author, but I completely believe Kelsey is breaking barriers here for authors, inspiring everyone ever told no, not good enough, etc. That they can do it! To not listen to the downers. And believe in yourself.

      Liked by 2 people

      1. YOU ARE SO SWEET, STAHPPP. 🙂 I really hope I’m breaking barriers! It doesn’t always feel like I’m getting very far, but hopefully that feeling is wrong ❤

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    2. Exactly, Sara! You will have bad ratings and reviews, sometimes more bad than good, but every word you write has its purpose in getting you to your goal. Any criticism of your book or books means that “you have arrived.” You’re doing what many refuse to do, and that’s putting yourself out there. Haters come with every success, so I’ve learned to start seeing them as a good thing. ❤

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