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Top 10 Tuesday // Favorite Bookmarks


Top Ten Tuesday was created by The Broke and the Bookish in June of 2010 and was moved to That Artsy Reader Girl in January of 2018!

Bookmarks are a necessity for all readers. Now, what you use for a bookmark is up to you 😉 I remember growing up, I would have stacks of bookmarks nestled against the rails on my bookshelf. My mom would often make me go through them and get rid of the ones I didn’t like. My school would have book fairs at least once a year from Scholastic, and I always got a bookmark, then 50 cents each. Now, I find it difficult to find one dang bookmark in my house at times! Like so many readers, I see myself grabbing receipts, sticky notes, even envelopes, to use for a bookmark. The struggle is real. So it was when I found out today’s topic was favorite bookmarks that I ran into the problem: where the heck are all of my bookmarks?! You figure, for every book box, you get a bookmark, right? Apparently I’ve only had 5 boxes based on the bookmarks that I could find…*sigh* so for what I could find, here are my 10 favorite!



I love woodmarks. When I first got one in my book box, I was awed at the detail that can be painted onto these thin bookmarks made of wood! I recently ordered a Bellatrix one from LitJoy, which will definitely move to my top 5 of bookmarks. Sirius is one of my favorite characters of the Harry Potter series. I actually have a fanfic that I wrote about him…that the world will NEVER see XD





Lupin was such an interesting character also. He had so much pain, having lost his friends, and had nearly felt alienated as a child for being a werewolf. The friendship he shared with the other 3 maurauders almost seems to have kept him human as a child.




These Caraval bookmarks are so adorable. But I never use them because they’re magnets. I am a bit rougher with books (thank you work backpack) and magnet bookmarks just slide right off. Or they feel too heavy on my pages. I loved this book series though. I think I got these in the Finale Hangover Crate from Fairy Loot. My toddler loves to take these off of my bookshelf and play with them-or hide them as his “buried treasure.”




harry potter

This Harry Potter bookmark actually was mine since kindergarten! I got this at a Scholastic book fair at school. It amazes me that I have not lost it. I alwas loved how the artist used Harry’s whole family in the mirror. Also, I miss this classic Harry Potter art they used in early 2000’s. I remember my mom displaying this on a bookshelf in our playroom that was themed in Harry Potter. We always used this bookmark when reading each book upon their release.





I have a lot of Harry Potter bookmarks…This poor Ron has been through a lot of books, as evidence by the creases. I love that the image looks like claymation. I also have a Ron and Hermione of these bookmarks…but they too are missing.




Music has always been a source for me to delve into and express myself. It was how I poured my heart into dance routines, it was also a way for me to fit in among my high school concert band friends. I always have music on when I am working on writing a book, homework, knitting, cleaning, etc. I also love tasseled bookmarks.



sea gave back



I got to read the ARC of The Girl the Sea Gave Back (review here). Adrienne Young had a really cool pre-order gift that if you pre-ordered, you received this beautiful wooden bookmark in the mail. Most authors send pins, so this bookmark was a real treat. It is a bit thicker that the wooden bookmarks from LitJoy. And the turquoise tassel is so pretty!




I love this ocean bookmark. It reminds me of my nightly view when I was deployed. The water was crystal blue, the moon and stars shone so bright. I miss deployments at sea. This bookmark gives me that little sense of peace that I had. I got this one in an OwlCrate. It was designed by the ever talented Juniper and Ivy Designs.




I love Disney! Finding Dory may be my favorite Pixar movie…I think I got this one at Barnes & Noble.





I got this one with the Finding Dory bookmark, but as you can see, it is missing its tassel. Thanks to my dear cat.




spin dawn

I love this print. It’s not quite a bookmark, but I received it in a box with the book Spin the Dawn. I love that it’s shaped like a sun, and the artwork from the book cover is just so pretty! What I love most about this unconventional bookmark is the quote on the back. “I’m tired of being told I’m not worthy.” This quote really hits home for me, as I am consistently told that I can’t do something, or because I am so small that I won’t succeed. It’s kind of like a dare to me. To show people that I can do something if my mind is truly set on it.


Do you like any of these bookmarks? What are some of your favorite bookmarks that you use? Or what do you find yourself using as a make-shift bookmark?

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