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September/October Wrap Up

School really kicked my butt this term. I completed my Colonial New England class with a C, this honestly hurts my heart to admit because I loved the class! But with my husband’s deployment, and managing night shift at work, I had to make a decision of assignments to just not do, such as discussion posts. I hate discussion posts. Sitting in an actual class setting and participating is so much easier and interactive, I think, than just doing discussion posts. My World Civilization from 1500 to present I managed a B, and a 100% on my research final so that felt really good! September brought on cooler weather in my town. And by cooler, I mean 70’s. October, we had a few 80 degrees, directly followed by 50s, so naturally I am now dealing with a sick baby.

Audible has proven to be the bane of my wallet, yet the solution to catching up on my reading goal of the year. Entering November, I read 47 of my 55 books! I have also felt so blessed to be increasing my acceptance request to ARC’s on NetGalley. I’m still getting my feet established on Twitter, feel free to give me a follow. November is finally here, though, and some of my most anticipated releases are finding their way onto the market! Read below for my September and October wrap up.


Best Audible Book: Wicked Saints The narration for this book was spot on! I actually had to slow down the reading (I normally listen on 1.25 speed) to understand some of the accents. But oh my gosh, magic, set in like a Russian setting, morally grey characters, the heart ache, the intense action scenes, and just the overall dark gothic feel was incredible!!! Emily A. Duncan may be one of my new favorite authors. For fans of Leigh Bardugo’s Grisha series.

Best Kindle Book: A Violet Fire Kelsey Quick self published this, releasing December 9, 2019, she has reawoken the vampire/romance phase. Entirely unique and unlike anything out there. Check out my review here: A Violet Fire

Best Print Book: Sorcery of Thorns I have never felt more understood by a book loving character until this. Any fans of YA fantasy need to read this. Bottom line. There is so much humor and book lore. Books are given personalities that just made me laugh so hard at and wish this was all so real. Maybe without the evil Grimoires though. I loved the added demons and little bit of romance. The main character though was such a powerful female. Just hands down an amazing read. Thank you Margaret Rogerson.

Undead Girl Gang I read for Dragon’s and Tea Book Club. I absolutely love this book club! Our monthly books are some that I would never had read on my own. This was a wonderful story of friendship, and understanding that it’s hard to find wrong in the people we love, even when they could be the most toxic. I was so sad that I could see so much of myself in Riley, even to the little things she would say, and she was dead 😦 Mila gathers the closure she needs to move on from her best friend’s death, and for the murderer. Absolutely wonderful. Easily 5/5 stars.

Harley Merlin and the Secret Coven is so often compared to Harry Potter. I can perhaps see this as yes, it’s a girl who practices magic and learns to do so in the confines of this secret coven-like school. This was a very slow book though. There was so much needed information but was dragged out. This is why I gave it a 3/5 stars.

Shadow and Bone I finally know what all the hype is for the Grisha series! Leigh Bardugo is dynamite for this series. The narrator for the audible is wonderful. Again, morally grey characters, magic of varying forms, and romance. This book seriously made my heart hurt. All Grisha books should say: Warning: book will rip out your heart and stomp on it. 5/5 stars.


Six Of Crows So I found this was easier to read by audible than by print. Perhaps it’s because I spend so much time driving. Another book within the Grishaverse, this takes place after the first trilogy of the Grisha series, so there were a couple spoilers that left me shook seeming how I hadn’t finished book 3 of Grisha. But amazing nonetheless. A heist of all heists, grey characters, betrayal, and heartaches.

Changes in the Land I read this for my history class. Anyone needing a book on Colonial New England and the impact of settlers in comparison to pre-colonial contact, I highly recommend this.

A Heart so Fierce and Broken//Finding your voice Check out my review 🙂

Sisters of Shadow and Light // True love doesn’t need a man, it just needs your sister Check out my review 🙂

Titan’s Curse Check out my review 🙂


How were your September and October readings? Anyone ready for winter break from school?

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