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The Witchlands Blog Tour!


I am so honored to be a stop on The Witchlands blog tour for the upcoming release of The Witchlands Box Set on October 8th!

The Witchlands is a wonderful series with a prequel and 3 books currently released, 2 future, by the wonderfully creative Susan Dennard. The series is also picked up by Jim Henson company to be made into a series!

truthwitch The first in the series follows Safiya and her Threadsister Isuelt as they are on the run from a Guildmaster that they angered with a deal-gone-wrong. Safiya is a rare Truthwitch that can use her magic to tell when anyone is lying to her. A witch with this magic is highly coveted among all. Iseult is a Threadwitch, able to see colorful threads that connect people to each other. They are also pursued by a badas* Bloodwitch, Aeduan, that can heal himself, fights like no other, and can control someone like a blood mage. There are Windwitches, like the Prince Merik, and Tidewitches! Told from the various POVs, a treaty falling apart at the seams and beckoning a massive war among nations, and a beautiful sisterly friendship.



windwitch.jpg Windwitch picks up directly after Truthwitch. I can’t say much without spoiling huge moments of Truthwitch, but there are more POVs added, deceptions and truths uncovered, and honestly my favorite character, Vidia, Prince Merik’s sister. Vidia is honestly a strong feminism symbol of this series. She has been overshadowed by her brother and forced to follow her father’s every order. She is pushed down by her father’s comments and is seen by the nobles as just a young girl. She is so strong and wise though and cares for her people. She consistently puts herself in difficult situations in hopes of helping her people. She assumes a greater role by the end of this book and finds her voice, sticking up for herself and standing her ground. Windwitch is focused on the development of Merik, but make no mistake, it is filled with incredible answers to questions of the others characters at play.


bloodwitch Such an amazing cover that truly captures Aeduan! This book is focused on Aeduan, but continues directly after Windwitch and follows his journey with Iseult. So much is discovered for Iseult too ❤ The war is building and character development is huge! You read of enticing connections among key characters that will affect the war and its future. I was extremely fortunate to have gotten to read the ARC of this and my gosh! Truly amazing. Definitely my favorite in the series so far. I also have an Aeduan plush that my son carries around the house if he finds it on my bookshelf.


This box set introduces a new set of covers that are equally incredible! If you haven’t had the chance to read the series yet, what better time than to snatch one of these amazing sets and get to reading! Pre-Order links:

Barnes N Noble     Amazon     IndieBound

Feel free to follow the Witchlands blog tour along on Twitter and Instagram with #Witchlands and #witchlandsboxset


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