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Top 10 Tuesday // Favorite Characters


Top Ten Tuesday was created by The Broke and the Bookish in June of 2010 and was moved to That Artsy Reader Girl in January of 2018. It was born of a love of lists, a love of books, and a desire to bring bookish friends together. The topics are scheduled in advance which you can check out here.

So it has been some time since I posted, I clearly I am a bit behind. Thank you bachelors degree and recent hit of chicken pox. Anyone else ever had chicken pox? It is not like big red circles you see on tv. Absolute crap they are! I was really looking forward to July 9ths “Character freebie,” which I had chosen my favorite book characters. Better late than never right?

Top 10 Favorite Characters

I seem to gravitate to characters that I find either bad ass or swoon-worthy. Anybody else the same?

  1. Rhysand-He starts off as this dick character but the more you get into the series…Oh my gosh dream worthy???? On the surface, he has this mysterious bad-boy persona, but underneath he really is this loving, warm, kind-hearted, and protective guy. He doesn’t try to hold Feyre back from her potential or shield her from things. He is honest and wants to protect her by teaching her to protect herself.
  2. Celaena/Aelin-I won’t lie, I prefer Celaena over Aelin. She is this bad ass assassin that knows how to kick butt, but also is superficial and cocky like most teenage girls. She has lived truly a traumatic life and has tried to forget the worst parts. She is beyond clever. I admire her ability to create plans about 50 steps ahead of her allies and enemies. Also, she is so sassy and I love it.
  3. Bellatrix-Okay, I know many people are going to be thinking, wtf? But she was so crazy, I loved her! She is a true Slytherin and fought until her death for what she believed in.
  4. Morrigan-She is a very minor character in the ACOTAR series, but I felt she was very powerful. Her past is quite devastating, and yet she created something of her life. She became a notorious fighter in battles for the Night Court and was part of Rhysand’s inner circle. #goals
  5. Legend-He had to maintain a hard outer shell, but internally he truly wanted to feel mortal love. As an immortal, he showed his brother love to the best of his ability, by making him never age. He had a whimsical way of looking at life, as seen through his creation of Caraval. Anyone that has yet to finish the series, let me just say, if you don’t fall in love with him by the end of Finale, you are crazy!
  6. Grey-He is devoted to Rhen and in turn, Harper. He is a bit too serious with Rhen, seriously taking the whole protect and serve to heart, but with Harper you get to see a softer side to him. You see a more human than robot personality that loves to play cards and play with kids. His devotion as captain of the royal guard knows no ends.
  7. Mad Rogan-He is well feared for his great power and strength, yet those closest to him know there is a sweet and beyond caring side to him. He may be a bit too protective of Nevada at times, but he also learns to listen to her and trust her own strength and power. He doesn’t make her sit out of the action and lets her take lead on her cases. He not only protects her, but also goes out on a limb to protect her family and all who work for him.
  8. Cassian-I just picture him as a dark haired Kellan Lutz (Emmett anyone?). He is so funny and protective of his friends and Rhys. His love and friendship to Mor know no bounds. He is witty and cracks great jokes but in battle he is fearless and beyond loyal to all of the Night Court, even the Valerians that he holds major (and reasonable grudges against). My heart also breaks for him every time he tries to talk to Nesta. Clearly they are meant to be mates but she is seriously one of my most disliked book characters with her stick-up-the-butt and bitch personality. He never stops trying to reach out and help her adjust to being a faerie, but also to tell her like it is when he sees his Feyre hurt by Nesta.
  9. Manon-I feel bad admitting that when I first read the Throne of Glass series, I skimmed her chapters until halfway through Empire of Storms and I realized she was actually a very important character. She is a bad ass witch, devoted to her people, yet also conflicted with questions stirring in her mind about what really is right and wrong. She is such a strong leader though that her 13 are willing to follow her, even if it means abandoning all they have been trained to think. She feels love for her 13 that not even the other Blackbeak or Yellowlegs would allow themselves to feel. Also, the fact she didn’t kill herself after the ultimate battle in Kingdom of Ash amazes me. Losing literally her whole family she grew up with is beyond traumatic, and yet she carries on in their honor.
  10. Aedion-He has had to play to roles to the King of Aurelan, this wolf of the north that slaughters his people and personifies absolute submission to a ruler; and also this undercover saviour to his people, helping them get into hiding and also try to stay alive with the absolute desolation the King has left Terresen. When he finally meets Aelin, he doesn’t judge her for the Assassin and King’s Champion she once was, and the crimes that those titles entailed, but he begs forgiveness from her for having never saved her as his job was since they were children. He provides humor to the books. He experiences doubt, anger, betrayal and regret, feelings that he resents feeling near the end, but that make him more human and relateable.


Conversation Starters

Well there you have it! Do you share the same favorites as me? What are some of your favorite characters? Leave a comment 🙂

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