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The Wicker King by K. Ancrum review

The Wicker King (The Wicker King, #1)The Wicker King by K. Ancrum

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Compelling read

There was many things I liked and many I didn’t like in this book. The ending is very happy compared to the dark and sad story that befalls the two main characters. The writing style or chapter layout was a bit frustrating to get through. The chapter titles felt as if they made no sense to the 2 page chapter. I did not like how the main issue was brushed on in the beginning, to then flash back years before to give you a back story of the main characters and eventually end to a bit after the time of when the book began.

I love/hate the back story we’re given. The characters are so conflicted with their image and sense of self. Where one character has a clear mental disorder causing his world to be plagued by images of a fantasy movie, the other is left to fend for his family drug dealing because his mom is nearly a vegetable in their basement. I do wish we had been given more why’s as to why the parents were so neglectful in the first place.
The love that blossoms between these two friends is one of friendship, to brothers, and eventually leaves both boys conflicted with their feelings of « more » for each other. They try to date but are equally made jealous (though they don’t quite realize their jealousy’s reason) by watching the other. It is not until the end that they finally pursue their feelings for each other.
I am very appreciative of the author’s note at the end. It is caring for every child that has felt alone and makes one feel not when just reading it. This author truly cared to get that message across.

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