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Blood Kissed review// For fans of Twilight

Blood Kissed (Lizzie Grace, #1)Blood Kissed by Keri Arthur

My rating: 4 of 5 stars


In a world where magic and science sit side by side, and powerful witches are considered necessary aides for all governments, Lizzie Grace is something of an outlier. Though born into one the most powerful blue blood witch families, she wants nothing to do with either her past or her magic.

But when she and Belle, her human familiar and best friend, open a small cafe in the Faelan werewolf reservation, she quickly finds herself enmeshed in the hunt for a vampire intent on wreaking bloody havoc. It’s a hunt that soon becomes personal, and one that is going to take all her skills to survive–that’s if the werewolves, who hate all things witch, don’t get her first


I was pleasantly surprised reading this book. Perhaps it was the mixed reviews, but I did not have high hopes for this book. Though I wasn’t real happy that the ending fight was maybe 2 pages long, I really loved the suspense built through the book, the character development of not just the individuals but of the MC and her familiar’s abilities. I read this book for my August BOTM but I sadly got really caught up on life so I am just getting to finishing it.

The amount of foreshadowing leading up to each fight scene is a bit annoying at times. MC Lizzie has this constant feeling of when something bad is going to happen, so you know within the next few pages there will be something big. I love that the author really brought in some truth to witches. Too often do authors right about witches and it is all complete fantasy fiction. It is very respectful that the author took her time to mix fact of real witches with fiction.

The romance concept between Aiden and Lizzie was a let down. It was understandable why he had so much hatred built up for witches after the last witch that was on the reservation. They both realize they have feelings for each other, but Aiden deeply suppresses the feelings for a vast majority of the book because of his hatred. When he finally moves past his hatred, he is able to accept his feelings for her, but is still conflicted having feelings for her. It is not until the end, literally, that he finally embraces the feelings he has for her and decides to run with them. It gives me more to look forward to the next book!

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