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Renegades by Melissa Meyer

5/5 stars

I gave this book a chance because I had heard such great things about author Marissa Meyer. Though the size of the book is quite intimidating, I am so glad I bought this book!

The book opens up with an action scene that allows you to get to know the two main characters as well. The book focuses on a world that was overthrown by a group of Anarchists with superhero powers, aka Prodigies, and depicts the struggle of who is really the villain, the Superheros who want to rid the world of people that at one point were the people who brought the world to corruption, or the remainder of the Anarchists who want to rid the world of Prodigies so that normal people will not feel they have to rely on superheros but will do things for themselves.

The chapters fluctuate between the POV of Adrian (Renegade) and Nova (Anarchist). It allows you to really see both sides of the spectrum and fell for the Anarchists. By the end of the book, I was able to side with the Anarchists as the Renegades’ secrets prove they truly are plagued by their idea of making non-Prodigies rely only on them, which given Nova’s childhood, proves this is a completely flawed plan. Their plan to make them the sole rulers shows how their powers and people’s praise has clouded their judgement.

Anyone who has ever wondered, “Are the villains truly villains or is it the strewed POV of Superheros that make them so?” this is the book for you! There is no real romance, only a crush aspect, but it is not needed as Meyer has packed this novel with so much action. The cliff hangar and unexpected twist of the climax leaves the reader anxiously awaiting the conclusion sequel.

“One cannot be brave who has no fear.” The most important quote of this novel to take with you personally, but also for the sequel 😉


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