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Cardinal’s Rule by Tymber Dalton review

Cardinal's Rule (The Suncoast Society)Cardinal’s Rule by Tymber Dalton

My rating: 3 of 5 stars

So recently I have been diving into a genre out of my comfort zone. This book being the like 7th in the genre, I had much higher expectations in comparison to Tymber Dalton’s previous books. This book made me 100% uncomfortable and I only read through so that I wouldn’t leave it unfinished, and I also had hope that it would get better by the end.

Though in some ways I suppose the chain of events became less harsh by the end, it was still not for me. I had hoped for more. The threesome romance is completely awkward and completely unrealistic, but beyond even a fantasy level. No woman would marry a man (Landry) she just met for a week to just be his nurse while he went through chemo. Oh, also that man is the partner of her old bf, Chris, who was her “master” and just up and left her. It is because of how harshly and abruptly he left her that makes Tilly (MC) become a dominatrix basically. And I refuse to go into detail as this was the most uncomfortable part to me, but what there are several descriptive scenes where Tilly and Landry have sex in the presence of Chris, and it is VERY harsh what they do to him…I’ll just leave it at that. Landry is a sadist to Chris, but to Tilly he only has vanilla sex. I was expecting, given the cover, that she would break her walls and agree to a Dominant/Submissive relationship as well, but that really never happens.

How the hell are these books bringing male characters into a book that are butt loaded rich with just money to toss around? This is becoming a pet peeve of mine…

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