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Burn For Me by Ilona Andrews review

3.5/5 stars

First: this is not smut!!! The cover clearly gives that vibe but it is 100% inaccurate! I have seen the rejected cover for this in a previous review and agree with the reviewer that it would have been perfect. There is not a kiss in this book until waaay past the half way mark. That’s where you lost a star. And the book had many parts that felt overly drawn out.

The MC, Nevada Baylor is a difficult character to like. Her constant indecisiveness with her feelings for Rogan are just annoying by halfway through. The synopsis makes makes the reader think that Rogan really has this grand kidnapping of Nevada and at least I assumed it would play a large time portion to the book. Nope. It consisted of a chapter. Not a 20 page chapter either.

I liked Ilona Andrew’s ability to picture a modern world with mages and magic users infused within society and how they truly would trump ordinary people in importance as a Royal house member would be above a commoner. She successfully describes scenery and settings that do not exist in real life, but could be imagined as if they truly were real. The action scenes were described really well. Only issue was if Nevada ha 12 bullets left, and a mage or Pierce had an impenetrable shield around them, and the first 6 bullets ricocheted off them, she would stupidly waste the other 6, still shooting at the invincible target. Most people would have learned the first 6 shots. Not her! She would waste all her bullets on what she knew impossible, leaving her basically defenseless. Not my favorite character…

The ending leaves a heap of unanswered questions, and an expected emotional conflict with Nevada and Rogan. Overall, a decent book. I look forward to reading its sequel.

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