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They Mostly Come Out At Night by Benedict Patrick review

This book was very difficult to get into. 3 stars for good-ish character development, great idea and originality for the story, but super freaking slow. I skimmed majority of the pages in the beginning. I believe it wasn’t until I had reached chapter 8 that I was really into it. For fans of Neil Gayman, you will love this new indie author. Sadly, Gayman is my least favorite author, so I have a hard time getting into this.
With only 190 pages, the book should have been faster paced. There are also two different POVs that mesh together halfway to provide some answers that plagued me while I read. Also, I liked how Patrick added short stories between chapters of the fables the Corvae told. It added an insight into the people’s myths and legends. The plot twist was quite pleasant, as I found myself immediately messaging a friend who recommended it to gasp at the sudden change of events. Nonetheless, the story was quite hard to like, granted it is not quite my style.
I did find myself becoming more invested into Lonan. He has had the most horrendous luck, losing a father, the woman he loved, his mother abandoning him, and the whole village hating him. I had hoped for a happier turn for him where he would be the hero of the village, he would win the heart of his girl back, etc. But in the end, I was almost brought to tears in sadness for how his luck turned out. The ending wasn’t exactly sad, more bittersweet.
As a new-ish mother, I had the hardest time reading the assault on Bronwen and her baby. I slightly understand Patrick’s reasoning behind it, however as a mom, my heart almost broke, I spewed curses from my mouth, teared up, and wanted to shove my fist through my kindle app. It was just painful to read and imagine someone even being able to write such a horrible event to a baby!!!! That part was sickening to me…

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