Book Reviews

Red’s Tangled Tale by Suzanna Lynn

Suzanna Lynn has done it again! I literally started reading this one night at work, and finished it by the end of my 12 hour shift (could have been finished much sooner but a girl’s gotta work). Warning, there may be tiny spoilers ahead. Not large enough to give away plots, but slightly in regards to new characters added.

The story picks back up right away from where Hook’s Little Mermaid left Red Riding Hood. Don’t fear though, as I had done so upon finishing book 1, for Hook and his crew return just in time to help Red when she finds herself in a bit of trouble again. Once again, they embark on a journey for something to help Hook, this time to save Elynna. To avoid giving away any spoilers, we discover a few fairy tale characters added into the story. Rapunzel and her evil grandmother, Gothel, will connect to the land of Oz, which will bring in the evil green wicked witch ruling Oz that we are all too familiar with. Keep your brain alert for the small addition of the little girl Gretel who is briefly added just to add deeper connection to the fairy tale world.
Lynn ends the story on another huge cliff hangar. Hook sets sail to whatever land that holds the next powerful object he needs to save Elynna, and Red joins Rapunzel and the new Lycus to get to the land of Oz.
The last pages give us a sneak peak into the next story which is told from Lycus’s POV, and let me just say, I have a small hunch that it may offer a nod to the Beauty and the Beast.

Does anyone else wish that there was a drawn map near the front of the book to have a visual reference of where the characters venture off to, or is it just me? I love visual references to better imagine the story as a movie with my imagination, and maps would just make it so much easier to envision where the characters travel, and will travel.

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