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Unknown Horizons Intro

November was a busy month for me. Not just usual life stuff like work, school, and family, but on top of juggling those, I participated in NaNoWriMo. Now, for those who are reading that and thinking, “What the hell is that?” Don’t worry, I said the same thing when my two best friends shared it with me. NaNoWriMo is an acronym that stands for National November Writers Month. It is a website that runs the contest throughout the world for aspiring writers to hunker down and finally write their dream novel. The goal: write 50,000 words in one month! I first read that and laughed. That was impossible! I was lucky I could write 20 pages in one novel before getting bored and turning to a new idea. The website, nanowrimo.org, has numerous blogs and helpful tips to help you stay focused, recover from a writer’s block, and keep to the daily word count schedule. Fast forward to the end of the month, you have to submit a word count to verify you reached the objective. Then the site will direct you to a few editorial websites at a discount to then publish your novel on kindle direct. Sounds great at first, a complete dream actually. But the huge downside, if you publish to kindle direct, expect your novel to only ever be an indie novel. You have t publicize it. Now that it is published on just little kindle reader, no formal company can publish it because in a sense, kindle owns it. Depressing. I know.

Well, taking a few tips from some indie writers, I have decided to publish a chapter at a time on here. Hopefully, anyone reading these chapters can give some constructive criticism to help me become a better writer. I will start by saying this is my fist novel that I have published online for anyone to read or review for that matter. None of my books I have ever let people read since high school. Bad experience. Please feel free to follow, leave comments, like, etc. I will say, having people to help provide input, or even express their likes, helps me as an author push through the dragging moments and finish.

Thank you!

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