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Invidious by Bianca Scardoni

**spoilers beware**
Bianca Scardoni does it again! The plot moved so steadily through this novel and kept me on my toes. I found myself fighting sleep just so I could read “one more chapter.” Our same favorite characters return from Inception and the book continues right where we left off with the previous. Scardoni immediately gives the reader answers to the jaw dropping cliffhanger in the last book, and the reason makes a lot of sense! Questions are answered and I no longer hate Trace, or as Jemma refers to him, “Reaper McSteamy.” Trace, Gabriel, Dominic, and Jemma (I still hate this name) are working together to discover any leads on Taylor and Engel’s whereabouts, which has the police and Taylor’s parents in an uneasy situation as there are no clues or evidence of why her sudden disappearance. Being the true friend Jemma is, she makes it basically her new life mission to find Taylor and save her, even if it means keeping secrets from her Uncle Karl. Oh, and in case you were wondering, yes, Nikki is still a royal bitch queen.
Trace and Jemma’s relationship is still ever so slow! Some of the sappy things he says are totally unreal. “I love you with the kind of love that isn’t even love anymore. It’s more than love. It’s my entire soul. It’s everything that I am or will ever be, and nothing will ever change that-not even Hell on Earth.” Excuse me a moment while I shove that quote in my husband’s face as a perfect example of unrealistic romance. Oh, and Jemma still hasn’t told him she loves him!!!!!
Jemma finally takes matters in her own hands to know what is so special about her blood that prevented Engel from dying in the first, but also to discover the truth about what she is. Dominic willingly helps Jemma with her “research” by drinking her blood to determine the time frame they have in which her blood stops death to the drinker. Finally Jemma has grown a pair and is no longer scared of the truth.
By teaming up with Trace, Dominic, and Ben, they set out and save Taylor from Engel. Though Taylor is rescued safely, Jemma makes a decision that alters their friendship forever-cue my heart breaking.
Tessa suddenly pops into Jemma’s life to drop the major truth bomb on Jemma’s slayer abilities and why the Dark Legion and Engel are after her. Oh, and to make it worse, now the Order wants her dead because they have already assumed what Tessa divulges to her sister. I was definitely not expecting the response Tessa gives to Jemma, and to be honest I am not 100% on board with the idea Scardoni is running with. However, as being open-minded, I am going with the flow of the plot lines and seeing how Scardoni brings the truth of Jemma’s Slayer abilities to life through the next book.
Invidious has an even larger cliff hangar than the first. Everyone from school, even Uncle Karl and Trace’s dad, go to a party thrown by Taylor’s family celebrating her return home. Caleb and Nikki set up a protection circle around the house and grounds as Jemma isn’t taking any chances now that she pissed off Engel from saving Taylor. Nikki, that sly bitch, basically screws over Jemma though, leads her into Engel’s hands and boom, cliff hangar.
Favorite quote: “Damn that stupid heifer for monopolizing [Trace’s] time!” Thank you Jemma. A lot more witty comments in the book, and my do things get a little complex between Dominic and Jemma 😉

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