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Inception by Bianca Scardoni

“It was harder to let go of that; to let go of that life I had before, but the truth was, it was harder for me to stay there inside the pain.”

Jemma has experienced the painful loss of her father and must come to the horrible realization that he is not coming back. She sets out to British Columbia to live with her uncle and try to move on past the horrible memories of her loss. But after a stint in the mental hospital from claiming to have seen her father murdered by a vampire, Jemma is just ready to leave her past behind her and try to move on. Many authors try to use new and unique names for their characters, but I will honestly say I was NOT a fan of this one. It was almost a mental agreement I made with myself to just change Jemma to Jenna. Unlike many of the previous readers and reviewers, I fell in love with Dominic almost instantly and expected to see him as Jemma’s love interest. Bianca Scardoni throws an immediate curveball within the first quarter of the book to make you develop a profound hate for him, but deep down I knew it was impossible for him to be introduced as Mr. Sexy but become Mr. Asshole permanently. Do not throw yourself off the Dominic train! Even at the end, do not! I have not read the second book yet, but I just have a gut feeling that there is more to him than led on. Scardoni builds the readers love of Trace that by the end of the book, you are swooning over him as well and just waiting for him and Jemma to kiss. There is slight foreshadowing it may seem with his line, “I know you are going to love me someday.”

But again, do NOT throw yourself off of the Dominic train. The ending of the book made me want to flip back through the pages where Trace becomes Mr. Wonderful and just punch him in the face.
The characters are described very well, and the plot moves along at a steady pace. There were times where I found myself holding my breath, or gasping out loud in shock of the events that unraveled. The end will leave you speechless from its cliff hangar and complete turn of events.

I absolutely loved this book! I fell in love with its suspense and love affairs throughout. I had read many conflicting reviews, but I tried to keep them aside when reading so to have an open mind.
Yes there are a lot of head “ticks”, which can be annoying to read by halfway through. But I promise you, the story line and characters will make up for it! If you are a fan of Buffy the Vampire Slayer, or the Vampire Diaries, this is definitely up your ally. Do not compare this book to main stream novels as it is an Indie novel. It is completely unfair to compare it to such, when it is a newer author getting her start, just as your main stream authors once were.
Thank you Bianca Scardoni for writing a series that has me instantly hooked. I am starting Invidious….now! 😀

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