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Dorothy Must Die by Danielle Paige

Ok so I put off the last few pages for like a month because I got caught up with other books, and I actually wanted to think over this review.

I rated this a 4 for the reason of the plot. I thought this book had a great pace, but I felt the plot was strange at times. For a spin off, it was great! Elements of the original are still maintained, but it’s really a different story line. This book takes place years after Dorothy left Oz. Somehow, she returns to Oz, becomes power hungry, and takes over Oz. Enter present day when Kansas trailer girl Amy Gum falls through a tornado and lands in Oz. Now rewind a little. She has pink hair. Wtf? That was a trait I could not wrap my head around. And she’s considered trailer trash, yet the girl in ninth grade who’s pregnant and wears your typical Walmart trashy slogan shirts is popular. Oh, and Amy’s mom is an alcoholic and cares only for her pet rat? A little weird, or is it just me?

Amy enters Oz and things pick up pretty quickly. She meets a weird boy who gives her a knife and disappears (again, wtf?). Then meets a munchkin who could possibly help Amy get to Emerald City, but Amy screws things up and being a stupid disobedient teenager gets herself caught by Oz police. Munchkin dies. Dorothy discovers who Amy really is and wants her dead.

Enter team Wicked (green witch, old witch, Glinda’s twin, and some boy) that break her out of Dorothy ‘s prison. This bunch are wicked, but not wicked I guess?? And they all say don’t trust them, but trust them to help develop Amy’s magic to kill Dorothy and save Oz. But her training is just random combat training and unsuccessful magic training. There’s a possibility of romance here, but it is just skated over. Did the author mean to foreshadow for a romance in future books, or did she seriously throw it in to develop, but forget about it?

Random characters get thrown in and suddenly Amy has to go to the castle and kill Dorothy. Wicked gang doesn’t even tell Amy how to kill Dorothy, just that she has to do it and only she has the ability to do it. Again, every one throws the cryptic, “Don’t trust anyone, not even me,” which seriously annoys me. Why the heck would she want to help you morons if even you say she shouldn’t trust you?! Oz people are all weird. Neither good nor bad. They are all both.

Without giving the ending away, the action literally continues until the last page. The ending is abrupt but also a huge cliff hangar. I am anxious to read the next book to know what the heck happens, but I am still annoyed by many parts of this book.

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