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“Never Never” by Brianna Shrum review

Never NeverNever Never by Brianna Shrum
My rating: 3 of 5 stars

For starters, I will technically give this book a 3 1/2 stars out of 5. I won’t necessarily shelve it wish Disney disappointments, however it was close.
The problem with writing a Peter Pan spin off, let alone a Disney spinoff for that matter, is that is has big shoes to fill. There have been many spinoffs that have set the bar really high for aspiring authors. Shrum had released a Peter Pan spinoff as one of her debuts, which was not the best choice for starters. Her method of writing, though better than many debut authors, left many parts in this story confusing for the reader to even imagine. Yes, she was very descriptive towards the characters to the point that I felt as if I could smell Tiger Lily’s aroma. However, I did relate to the other reviewers of this story that the age group for this book is confusing. It would appear that Shrum’s intentions were to have the reader grow with Captain Hook. That is the only explanation I have for as to why the beginning of the book appeals to the mind of a middle schooler, and the last 3/4 of it become mature to that of a YA. Shrum does use the time line of the Disney movie. Instead of seeing the Peter Pan POV that the Disney movie gave us, you see everything more behind the scenes from Hook’s perspective. You learn why he didn’t kill the Lost Boys, why Smee had Tiger Lily in the boat, and of course how Hook got the hook for a hand. I will admit the tic-toc crocodile still makes no sense.

Overall, not a bad book, nor a disappointment. It wasn’t that it had missed potential or a plot with holes. It was just a book that had a high bar to reach, and it wasn’t able to succeed as well as its predecessors. That is why it took me so long to read as I felt I had better books in my to-read shelf that I could spend my time with, and there were some major slow parts to the story line.

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